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Trusted Firmware-A LTS v2.8.0 released!

Matteo Carlini

Trusted Firmware-A is pleased to announce the release of the very first TF-A LTS version 2.8.0 [1], which went live on 13th February 2023.

Thanks to the TF-A LTS project maintainers and the overall Trusted Firmware community for all the effort spent in making this happen!

Notable changes of the TF-A LTS v2.8.0 release are as follows:

  • 12 workarounds for various CPUs errata
  • Mitigations for security advisory #10
  • Critical bug fixes for 7 upstream platforms
  • A total of 35 patches merged since TF-Av2.8 Nov 2022 release

Please refer to the TF-A LTS [2] changelog for the complete summary of changes.

[1] TF-A LTS v2.8.0 Release announcement

[2] TF-A LTS v2.8.0 ChangeLog

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