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Trusted Firmware-A v2.4 released with Secure EL2 Hafnium SPM and much more!

Matteo Carlini

Trusted Firmware-A v2.4 released with Secure EL2 Hafnium SPM and much more!

Trusted Firmware-A has just completed the official v2.4 release which involves tagging of three main repositories: TF-A, TF-A-Tests and, for the first time ever, Hafnium as reference implementation of a Secure Partition Manager!

This is a major step towards defragmentation and standardization in the Secure Firmware space, by providing partners a reference solution for the Secure EL2 virtualization extension, compliant with the Arm Firmware Framework for Armv8-A specification.

Hafnium, which has joined Trusted earlier this year (read the full press release here), serves as Secure Partition Manager for the S-EL2 extension, enabling:

  • Isolation through virtualization in the Secure world
  • Deployment scenarios with coexistence of multiple mutually distrusting TEEs
  • EL3, S-EL2 and Normal world protection from malicious or compromised software running in Secure Partitions in the Secure world
  • EL3 and S-EL2 defragmentation and standardization, allowing partners to migrate their Secure software to lower Secure-ELs

The whole content of the release is described on the respective TF-A (1), TF-A-Tests (2) and Hafnium (3) change-logs, but here are some interesting highlights.

  • Armv8.4 Secure EL2 extension:
    • First ever release of Hafnium as reference SPM (Secure Partition Manager) firmware for S-EL2, supporting the FF-A v1.0 specification
    • Feature implementation and testing of FF-A setup and discovery, direct messaging and memory sharing interfaces, multiple S-EL1 partitions support
    • Bare minimum implementation for S-EL1 partitions provided in TF-A-tests repository (Cactus)
    • Support for booting OP-TEE as a guest S-EL1 Secure Partition on top of Hafnium in S-EL2
    • Complete SPM documentation can be found here
  • Armv8.6 features support:
    • Enhanced Counter Virtualization (ECV)
    • Fine Grained Traps (FGT)
    • WFE trap delays
  • Reference implementation of Firmware Measured Boot on Arm along with support for a fTPM test service
  • Support for dual-root Chain of Trust for Secure Partitions
  • Dynamic SDEI configuration
  • Numerous CPUs Errata including but not limited to Speculative AT Errata workarounds for Cortex-A53
  • Chain of Trust in device tree: moved the Chain of Trust in a more human-readable format
  • SMC Fuzzer module in TF-A-Tests

New Arm cores and Arm/Partners platforms support:

  • Arm Morello
  • Arm Total Compute TC0: See also the TC0 documentation for the initial support of Secure EL2 on the first Armv8.4 enabled platform (based on TF-A-v2.4-rc0)
  • iEi PUZZLE-M801
  • Marvell OCTEON TX2 T9130
  • MediaTek MT8192
  • NXP i.MX 8M Nano & Plus
  • QTI CHIP SC7180
  • STM32MP151F, STM32MP153F, STM32MP157F, STM32MP151D, STM32MP153D, STM32MP157D
  1. TF-A v2.4 ChangeLog
  2. TF-A-Tests v2.4 ChangeLog
  3. Hafnium v2.4 ChangeLog

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