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Trusted Firmware-A & TF-A-Tests v2.3 released

Matteo Carlini

Trusted Firmware-A and the related Trusted Firmware-A Tests v2.3 releases are now tagged!

The whole content of the two releases is described on the respective TF-A (1) and TF-A-Tests (2) change-logs, but here are some interesting highlights.

The TF-A release includes:

  • Armv8.4 Secure EL2 extension:
    • Initial support for an EL3 Secure Partition Manager Dispatcher (SPMD) aligned with the PSA FF-A (SPCI) specification Beta1
  • Armv8.5 Memory Tagging Extensions (MTE):
    • Now supported at EL3 for stack-tagging (tested against clang-llvm)
    • The lower ELs enablement was already included in v2.2
  • SMCCC v1.2 initial support:
    • Updated register usage as defined by the new specification
    • Please note:
    • The SMCCC_ARCH_SOC_ID SMC support introduced is known to be affected by a problem which will be soon fixed on Master and will be part of the next v2.4 release
    • SVE registers save/restore that will considered as part of future S-EL2/SPM developments
  • GIC extensions:
    • GIC-600 multichip configuration support
    • GICv4 extension support
  • AArch64/AArch32: Prevent speculative execution past ERET (using architected Armv8.5 Speculation Barrier if implemented by the specific core)
  • Multiple CoT (Chain of Trust):
    • Introduce a new dualroot CoT, extending the single monolithic CoT defined in TBBR.
    • The current support allows to enable two different Root of Trust:
      • ROTPK: owned by the Silicon Provider, used to sign BL1, BL2, BL31 and BL32
      • PROTPK: owned by the Platform owner, used to sign BL33
    • Support for multiple Secure Partitions signed by different ROT keys will be added later on
  • Support for the Firmware Configuration Framework (FCONF) - Experimental
    • Experimental new abstraction layer for platforms to consume dynamic configuration data in config files in a scalable way using the defined framework
  • Support for the optional Firmware encryption feature (for BL31/BL32 images) - Experimental
    • Experimental feature to allow TF-A loading encrypted FIP payloads (mainly for BL32 Trusted OS) as described in TBBR
  • Support for Read-only xlat tables in BL31
  • Add DebugFS functionality
    • A new feature to expose firmware debug data to higher software layers such as a non-secure lower ELs
    • To be used in debug builds only
  • Mbed TLS updated to v2.18

New Arm cores and Arm/Partners platforms support:

  • Arm Matterhorn and Klein CPU support
  • Arm Hercules: workaround for Errata #1688305
  • Arm RD-Daniel FVP platform support
  • Broadcom Stingray platform
  • NVIDIA Tegra T194

The TF-A-Test release includes:

  • Internal CI upgraded to use GCC 9.2-2019.12 toolchain for tf-a-tests
  • Support for extended register usage as per SMCCC v1.2 specification.
  • Support for FVP platforms with SMT capabilities.
  • Arm v8.3 Pointer Authentication enabled for all FWU tests in TFTF
  • New tests added:
    • AArch32 tests for checking if PMU counters leak in secure world
    • Add new debug filesystem (debugfs) test
    • Add a SPCI direct messaging test targeting bare-metal cactus (test) SP
  1. TF-A v2.3 ChangeLog
  2. TF-A-Tests v2.3 ChangeLog

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