Trusted Firmware-A v2.8 released with new content and TF-RMM compatibility! background image

Trusted Firmware-A v2.8 released with new content and TF-RMM compatibility!

Matteo Carlini


Trusted Firmware-A has just completed the official v2.8 release, tagged across multiple repositories.

Support for the 2021 Architecture extensions, DRTM, FF-A v1.1, EAC0 and, for the first time, compatibility with the newly released TF-RMM! The whole content of the release is described on the respective TF-A (1), TF-A-Tests (2) and Hafnium (3) change-logs. See also the related TF-RMM v0.2.0 documentation (4) and release note (5).


  • Architecture extensions support:
    • Added Pointer Authentication Extension helper support for QARMA3 (FEAT_PACQARMA3)
    • Partial EL3 support for RNDR/RNDRRS (FEAT_RNG_TRAP)
    • Added SVE fall back if SME not available (FEAT_SME)
    • Support full SVE vector Length (FEAT_SVE)
    • Added Branch Record Buffer Extension (FEAT_BRBE) and Trace Buffer Extension (FEAT_TRBE) under feature detection mechanism
  • Added support for DRTM (Dynamic Root of Trust Measurement)
  • Various Errata Mitigations for Cortex-A710, A510, X3, X2, A76, A77, A78C, Neoverse N1, N2, GIC-600
  • Improved SVE support (as per SMCCCv1.3)
  • Ethos-N Driver support for SMMU
  • EL3 SPMC feature hardening
    • Bootflow chain of trust support for AEM FVP
    • Further developments to support TF-RMM upstreaming
    • Tested interop against TF-RMM v0.2.0
  • Hafnium SPM & FF-A enablement:
    • FF-A v1.1 additions
      • Partition runtime model and CPU cycle allocation modes
      • Interrupt handling and managed exit flows
      • Memory sharing
      • Framework notifications and indirect messaging
    • Added FF-A console log ABI
    • Added support for GICv3.1 extended INTID ranges
    • Enhanced SVE by supporting up to the maximum vector length 
    • FF-A v1.0 ACS test suite integration in Open CI.
  • TF-A Tests support for 4 new platforms (N1SDP, RD-N2, RD-N2-Cfg1, RD-V1)
  • TF-A Tests FEAT_RME Realm Payload Testing
  • TF-A Tests FF-A v1.1 Secure interrupts Testing
  • New cores/platforms support:
    • Arm Hunter ELP CPU support
    • Arm TC2 platform support
    • MediaTek MT8188 platform support
    • Xilinx Versal NET
    • TI K3 J784S4

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