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Trusted Firmware OP TEE Release 3.18.0

Don Harbin

Trusted Firmware OP TEE: v3.18.0 Release


Trusted Firmware OP TEE v3.18.0 was released on the 15th of July, 2022. The release includes support for Armv8.5-A Memory Tagging Extension, Arm SMCCC TRNG firmware interface and much more.


Here are some of the main additions in OP TEE 3.18.0:

  • Armv8.5-A Memory Tagging Extension support for OP-TEE core and TAs
  • Arm SMCCC TRNG firmware interface support
  • Add DT_GNU_HASH support to ldelf
    • Enables loading TAs compiled with –hash-style=gnu
  • Add support for the elliptic curve X25519 as defined in TEE Internal Core API v1.2.
  • SCMI fixes and updates

The release included updates to the following repos:

Pointers to the release pages can be found here.

Testing of the release has been performed by the committers and can be found here. Test details for this release are here. Test results can be found in the pull request itself.

The release has been tagged at 3.18.0 using the OP TEE release procedure.

The OP TEE release roadmap is located here.

Any security fixes prior to the next release will be made available on the Security Advisories page.

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