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Trusted Firmware-A v2.6 released with Armv9 features support!

Matteo Carlini


Trusted Firmware-A has just completed the official v2.6 release, tagged across four main repositories: TF-A, TF-A-Tests, Hafnium and TF-A OpenCI Scripts.

This is the very first release to enable support for the recently announced Armv9 architecture features.

The whole content of the release is described on the respective TF-A (1), TF-A-Tests (2) and Hafnium (3) change-logs, but here are some interesting highlights.


  • Armv9 features support:
    • Realm Management Extension (FEAT_RME): first prototype implementation (ENABLE_RME)
      • Context management changes
      • ENABLE_RME build option and support for RMM image
      • GPT library support
      • Realm security state definition
      • Added register definitions and helper functions for FEAT_RME
      • RMM dispatcher (RMMD)
      • Test Realm Payload (TRP)
    • Scalable Matrix Extension (FEAT_SME) enabled for Normal world use
    • Trace Buffer Extension (FEAT_TRBE): enable access to trace buffer control registers from Normal world
    • Embedded Trace Extension (FEAT_ETE, FEAT_ETEv1p1): enabled for Normal world use
  • Other Armv8 Architecture features support:
    • Activity Monitors Extension (FEAT_AMU): enable per-core AMU auxiliary counters
    • Support for the HCRX_EL2 register (FEAT_HCX)
    • Scalable Vector Extension (FEAT_SVE): enabled for the Secure world
    • Self-hosted Trace Extensions (FEAT_TRF): enable trace system registers access from Normal world
  • Support for the Arm Firmware Update specification
  • Hafnium SPM & FF-A enablement:
    • Arm FF-A v1.1 notifications support
    • Arm FF-A v1.1 interrupt handling (Hafnium para-virtualized interface)
    • S-EL0 partitions support through VHE architecture extension in the secure world
    • SVE:
      • Support for saving/restoring the SVE live state such that S-EL2/Hafnium preserves the normal world state on world switches
      • Secure partitions are permitted to use FP/SIMD while normal world uses SVE/SIMD/FP on the same core.
    • Updated toolchain to LLVM/Clang 12
    • Published new SPMC threat model

New Arm cores and Arm/Partners platforms support:

  • Arm CPUs: Neoverse-Demeter, Cortex Hunter & Hayes
  • Arm FVP-R: BL1 support for Armv8-R64 FVP
  • Arm TC platforms support
    • Introduced new TC1 platform
    • Enabled MPMM
    • Enable SVE for both Normal and Secure world
    • Add support for trusted services
  • Arm Dipdha 64b support
  • Allwinner R329 SoC
  • Marvell SolidRun CN913X CEx7 Evaluation Board
  • NXP Layerscape Ls1028a soc and board support
  • QTI sc7280 platform

Various Hardware errata software workarounds added for Cortex-A78, Cortex-A710, Neoverse-N2, Neoverse-V1


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