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First LTS Release of Trusted Firmware - A (TF-A)

Trusted Firmware

The community is delighted to announce the creation of the first TF-A Long Term Support (LTS) release, which will be based on the recent TF-A v2.8 release, and it is expected by February 2023.

The goal is for this first LTS to be supported for 5 years.

The effort is sustained for the first year by individual engineers from interested companies. We are seeking for a wider engagement from the Trusted Firmware community to contribute and help supporting this initiative, in order to fulfil the long-term requirements.

Full details (technical description, branch name, LTS mailing lists) can be found at this page including the proposal as an attached document on the page.

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About is an open source project implementing foundational software components for creating secure devices. Trusted Firmware provides a reference implementation of secure software for processors implementing both the A-Profile and M-Profile Arm architecture. It provides SoC developers and OEMs with a reference trusted code base complying with the relevant Arm specifications. Trusted Firmware code is the preferred implementation of Arm specifications, allowing quick and easy porting to modern chips and platforms. This forms the foundations of a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on application processors, or the Secure Processing Environment (SPE) of microcontrollers. Visit: is member driven and member funded. To learn more about membership and its benefits, please see the following page or send a request for more information to

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