Why choose Trusted Firmware?

Trusted Firmware provides a reference implementation of secure world software for Armv8-A and Armv8-M. It provides SoC developers and OEMs with a reference trusted code base complying with the relevant Arm specifications. The code on this website is the preferred implementation of Arm specifications, allowing quick and easy porting to modern chips and platforms. This forms the foundations of a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on application processors, or the Secure Processing Environment (SPE) of microcontrollers.

Availability of Trusted Firmware

Support for Armv8-A / Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A)

  • Support for Arm Cortex-A processors is well established and currently available as open source at https://git.trustedfirmware.org/TF-A/trusted-firmware-a.git/. Functionality focuses on trusted boot and a small trusted runtime (EL3 code).

Support for Armv8-M / Trusted Firmware-M (TF-M) and relationship with Platform Security Architecture (PSA)

  • PSA provides a common security foundation for the whole IoT ecosystem. It includes many elements, including architecture specifications and threat models. An important part of PSA is open source firmware. This is available in the form of Trusted Firmware-M for Arm Cortex-M23 and Arm Cortex-M33 processors, which use Arm TrustZone technology.
  • The Trusted Firmware-M codebase is available as a reference implementation of PSA.
  • For more information on PSA visit the PSA Resources page

If you want to get involved, join the notification mailing list or contact enquiries@TrustedFirmware.org for more information.

Trusted Firmware is an open governance project

  • Trusted Firmware project is an open governance community project hosted by Linaro
  • Membership of the Trusted Firmware project is open to all
  • Governance is overseen by a board of member representatives
  • Details of the Governance are in the Project Charter