Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the invite link here. Note you may have to create a Discord account first if you don’t already have one. Welcome!

To go to the mailists, click here and choose the list(s) you wish to subscribe. The Archives are available as a resource here as well.

Yes they are and this can be a great place to start when you may be stuck.

To search the archives, use the following format in your google search engine "<search string>:<TF Domain of Interest>" For example:


Yes. The project wiki is located here. Access requires logging in with a valid github account. Additional access provided to members as needed.

A summary page of the various projects roadmaps can be found here. All members are encouraged to contribute to the roadmap here with either change requests or their own planned contributions.

The Community Code of Conduct is located here. The TrustedFirmware Inclusive Language Policy can be found here.

For details of the governance model, please visit the about->join page of this website and click on the downloadable current version of the Charter.

Please email for any questions regarding membership.

Linaro is a Platinum Member of the Trusted Firmware project and provides governance, hosting and other services.

Trusted Board Boot Requirements Client (TBBR-Client) is an Arm specification that defines the basic requirements implemented by TF-A for Trusted Boot. It can be found at this link.

TF-A is migrating from GitHub to Trusted Git and Gerrit repositories. Details on the migration plan can be found here.

We’re building the TF-M FAQ. See here for more details

To purchase in the US/North America, use this URL

To purchase in Europe, go to the UK store here

If you wish to purchase a gift voucher for another person, use the following links:

The best place to start is the public meeting archives for multiple TrustedFirmware projects. These often include recorded technical meetings enabling content review at the convenience of the listener.

There are additional locations useful for historical presentation/meeting archives located here: