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About Membership And How To Join

Companies and other organisations who adopt, deploy or contribute to Trusted Firmware, or who participate in the firmware and security ecosystem are warmly invited to join the Trusted Firmware community project. Membership of the project is open to all and governance is overseen by a board of Member representatives.

Companies joining the project at the Platinum level can vote and have a seat at Board meetings. Companies joining as General members may attend general meetings and have joint representation at Board meetings. The Community class of membership is open to universitities and other similar not-for-profit organisations.

You are welcome to circulate this slide deck within your organisation which explains more about the project.

Next Step for Your Company to Join

Request a copy of the Membership Agreement

To join, the company needs to sign and return a copy of the Membership Agreement and pay an annual fee which depends on the class of membership.

Trusted Firmware, Arm and Linaro

Arm originally donated the Trusted Firmware-A and Trusted Firmware-M and is now a Platinum Member of the Project. Membership of the project is independent of membership of Linaro. Linaro is a Platinum Member of the Trusted Firmware project and provides governance, hosting and other services.