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OP-TEE moving into Trusted Firmware

Trusted Firmware

Linaro is transferring OP-TEE (Open Portable TEE, an open source Arm® TrustZone® based trusted OS) to become part of the Trusted Firmware open governance community project hosted by Linaro. See the press release here.

Why is this important?

  • Securing a system both at boot time and runtime has become more complex. It will evolve to become even more complex and rigorous. 
  • Adding a trusted OS to Trusted Firmware will allow fuller device threat mitigation techniques to be demonstrated
  • Platform security and secure firmware services are now an inherent part of the software architecture for every modern system, from cloud to edge, from IoT to client
  • Creating secure solutions using bespoke standalone components of secure firmware and secure services is costly and adds risk to projects.

Moving OP-TEE into the Trusted Firmware community project allows us to build a comprehensive reference implementation for secure firmware and services on Arm systems including Trusted Board Boot Requirements, TEE and Secure OS.

  • OP-TEE is already widely used and deployed by the community.
  • With this move into for secure firmware and services we expect the use of OP-TEE to continuously grow.
  • Being fully open source, OP-TEE allows for public examples of how best to use Trusted Firmware security features which can be ported to many other trusted software solutions.

Moving OP-TEE into the Trusted Firmware Linaro community project allows opportunities for increased participation in the project by organisations of all sizes and from all segments.

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