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Trusted Firmware-A v1.6 and v2.0 released!

Matteo Carlini| Monday, October 8, 2018|4 min read

The Trusted Firmware-A team recently produced two new official releases (v1.6/v2.0) of the Trusted Firmware-A codebase.

The two releases share the same set of functionalities, with the v2.0 carrying the removal of deprecated interfaces as only difference with respect to the v1.6.

The v1.6 release, available since September 21st, comes with a large amount of new features and enhancements. A few highlights comprise:

The v2.0 release is available since October 2nd. It only differs from the v1.6 above in the removal of all deprecated interfaces (previously marked with the ERROR_DEPRECATED compilation flag), except for the MULTI_CONSOLE_API, that is planned for removal in the next v2.1 release.

A new Platform Compatibility Policy (2) document has also been created for clarifying the project’s policy around compatibility for upstream platforms. Various Arm and partners platforms have been updated to remove the use of deprecated API’s in this release.

The v2.0 release will be used as the official baseline for all new developments.

A new Release information page (3) has also been created with all the information on upcoming releases, releases schedules and a list of deprecated interfaces.


  1. Trusted Firmware-A Security Advisory TFV-7

  2. Platform Ports Policy

  3. Trusted Firmware-A Release information

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