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Trusted Firmware Project June 2018 Update

Trusted Firmware

In this presentation is a detailed progress update as we spin up this exciting community open source project - Link to update presentation

Trusted Firmware A (TF-A) is used widely throughout the ecosystem. It’s joined by Trusted Firmware M (TF-M) reference code which supports the Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA) program. By becoming a founding member of this project, your organization will be able to steer the strategy of the project, amongst many other benefits, including:

  • Influencing which systems get into the Continuous Integration (CI) system
  • Influencing which software interfaces are included as part of the integration test suite
  • Adding support for your hardware IP
  • Adding support for your software framework

If you would like your organization to be a founding member, please get in touch with for more details.

Bill Fletcher Linaro Community Projects Division

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