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Open CI

The Trusted Firmware Open CI (Continuous Integration) is a cloud-based CI infrastructure that leverages multiple components including Gerrit, Jenkins and LAVA to create a comprehensive end-to-end integration and test infrastructure. It is currently leveraged by TF-M, TF-A, and Hafnium, with potentially other TrustedFirmware supported projects in the future. Open CI supports static analysis tools to increase code quality. It’s also the mechanism to approve merge requests (thru maintainer approvals) as well the ability to create source code release tags. Finally, with the back end of Open CI connected to a physical Open CI hardware lab that leverages LAVA, it validates that code changes made into the source tree actually run on multiple hardware platforms that are currently available in the lab. Arm Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) software emulators are also made available and leveraged by the TrustedFirmware development community.

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