Trusted Firmware Logo chooses ECLAIR to reinforce Code Verification and Safety

Trusted Firmware| Monday, May 9, 2022|3 min read chooses ECLAIR to reinforce Code Verification and Safety

[Cambridge, Monday 9 May 2022] and BUGSENG jointly announce the signature of a contract whereby BUGSENG provides a license of its ECLAIR Software Verification Platform® for the static analysis and MISRA compliance of Trusted Firmware projects.

ECLAIR is a powerful platform for the automatic analysis and verification of C and C++ programs. The MISRA standards are in fact the most authoritative coding standards for the development of high-integrity systems, including safety-and security-critical systems.

The license, which covers an initial 2-year period, will allow to serve its worldwide developers with static analysis results computed by ECLAIR and integrated into Trusted Firmware’s Continuous Integration (Open CI) infrastructure. BUGSENG will work alongside the TrustedFirmware Open CI developers in the deployment phase, with the intention of making this a model for the deployment of static analysis solutions in complex and distributed CI environments.

“ is very excited to enhance its Open CI with ECLAIR’s MISRA compliance verification tooling”, said Don Harbin, Community Manager for “This is a natural step in providing additional value to all members of by making it easier for our reference implementations to achieve product quality and safety that can be leveraged across multiple product domains such as Automotive and Industrial.” Given Trusted Firmware provides an open source reference implementation of secure software for Arm® architectures, code verification and safety are extremely critical, requiring appropriate tooling.

“BUGSENG is proud to take an active part in the safety and security of TrustedFirmware projects. We look forward to supporting TF developers’ work with ECLAIR technology as well as with our know-how. We are quite thrilled to have the opportunity of showing the value of our static analysis solutions also to the open-source world.” said Lavinia Battaglia, President of BUGSENG BOD

About is an open source project implementing foundational software components for creating secure devices. Trusted Firmware provides a reference implementation of secure software for processors implementing both the A-Profile and M-Profile Arm architecture. It provides SoC developers and OEMs with a reference trusted code base complying with the relevant Arm specifications. Trusted Firmware code is the preferred implementation of Arm specifications, allowing quick and easy porting to modern chips and platforms. This forms the foundations of a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on application processors, or the Secure Processing Environment (SPE) of microcontrollers. Visit:


BUGSENG is a leading provider of solutions and services for software verification. BUGSENG’s ECLAIR Software Verification Platform has been designed to help engineers develop higher-quality software, effectively, by changing the traditional rules of the game. BUGSENG consulting services help industry leaders improving their development processes and complying with functional-safety standards. BUGSENG is also a renowned resource for advanced professional training. Visit:

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